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Can chatbots improve construction safety?

Can chatbots improve construction safety?

Can chatbots improve construction safety?

One of the key goals of most large construction companies is to improve worksite safety. Even with all of the efforts by construction managers construction remains one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Compared to other industries like manufacturing construction still relies on human skills and labor to complete projects. Research shows that emotional intelligence and interpersonal skill play a large role in construction safety.

By now you are probably wondering what chatbots have to do with any of this. AI chatbots can be designed to take advantage of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and more importantly sentiment analysis that is often combined with NLP. Sentiment analysis can use employee text input to determine the emotional state. Over time we can determine how an employee feels while at work or we can determine how a manager feels about employees that are direct reports.

A really good opportunity to use sentiment analysis is by using a chatbot for daily reporting. Not only can employees use speech to complete their report in real time but the chatbot can also run sentiment analysis on each report. Management can look at the sentiment reports monthly to identify employees at risk and follow up with an action plan. For example, if you notice that an employee is consistently receiving low sentiment score it is possible that depression, anxiety or anger are an issue during work hours.

On the other hand, since construction management depends on interpersonal skills we can use sentiment analysis to identify people who are perfectly equipped for management roles. People that generally achieve higher sentiment scores have positive job satisfaction and may be good candidates for management and supervisory roles.

The stakes are way too high for construction companies not to look at AI chatbots as another important tool in their arsenal. Maybe it’s time that you looked at AI more closely to see if it would be a good fit for your company.

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