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Having difficulties choosing a chatbot framework?

Having difficulties choosing a chatbot framework?

Having difficulties choosing a chatbot framework?

Bot Framework Guide – 2018 Edition

One thing that we see across the board for 2018 is that most bot frameworks are getting better. I know from the questions I get that some of you all still struggling to choose the right framework. After all the framework you choose will dictate your overall tech stack decision so you need to be well informed when making a decision. I will attempt to make that decision easier by trying to cover the most important players that you should consider first.

If you are developing enterprise bots for Microsoft centric environments you should consider using the Microsoft Bot Framework. It makes a compelling case for itself as it is very powerful and flexible while easy to deploy and manage on the Azure cloud. Also on the plus side, Microsoft is putting some serious resources behind chatbot technologies which are not always the case with some other frameworks. See this:

Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft aside, you still have good framework options based on Python, Node, and PHP.

Node is a very popular option for writing chatbots. The frameworks are generally well supported with active user communities. A good example here is Botkit

For PHP diehards I recommend Botman. It works great with Laravel and is a good option if you prefer the LAMP stack for development and hosting. The framework isn’t as active as some of the Node alternatives and NLP platform support is a little limited with current support for only dialog flow and wit.ai.

Have fun!

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