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Jumpstart your idea today!

Jumpstart your idea today!

Jumpstart your idea today!

What’s the first step?

You doubt your idea might be worthless? Sure, because you don’t know if your idea is worth anything until it results in a product somebody is interested in using and paying for. The fastest way to validate an idea is building a minimum viable product. The minimum viable product (MVP) will allow you to test your idea and get honest feedback and ultimately it will help you create the product that people are willing to use and pay for.

How do I get an MVP?

Now that we’ve established your necessity of an MVP let’s see what is the fastest way to get there. In our experience, the fastest way to get there is to use a rapid prototyping methodology. Just remember not all prototypes are the same. You need to choose whether you want a throwaway prototype or an evolutionary prototype. Throwaway prototypes are faster but you can’t build a real product on top of them. On the other hand, evolutionary prototypes will allow you to convert them into an actual product should you get traction or positive feedback.

How long does it take?

One of the FAQ questions we get is how long should I spend on building a minimum viable product. In our experience as short as possible, with a reasonable target of 30 days or less.

What should I have in my MVP?

Another thing to consider is what actually constitutes an MVP. It’s not a beta version of a real product. It should showcase the most important selling feature from your idea. Don’t worry about bells and whistles at this point as you can easily add features in the future. As you build your prototype you should constantly think about improving wow factor.

How hard is it to build an MVP?

You may be wondering what is the best way to build an MVP. Luckily this has gotten much easier over the years. There’s so much code available that somebody should be able to put something together in a relatively short amount of time. Just keep in mind that not all MVP’s are the same. For example building, a mobile app can be quite different from building a chat-bot. Also, you have to decide on a tech stack if you go with an evolutionary prototype as that can be quite difficult to change in the future.

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