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The 3 most important considerations when choosing an outside software developer

The 3 most important considerations when choosing an outside software developer

The 3 most important considerations when choosing an outside software developer

Where do you start when thinking about the 3 most important considerations when choosing an outside software developer?

Outsourcing application development to an outside team has become much easier due to globalization and improvements in communication and project management technology. While the most obvious benefit of outsourcing is reduced cost, don’t overlook that this approach can also deliver speedier results and access to domain-specific expertise.
Most importantly, you’ll need a software development team staffed with knowledgeable engineers and designers with the skills necessary to deliver a high-quality software application or mobile app. Moreover, they should be familiar with the needs of your business and the demands of your specific project. Your dedicated team should quickly and confidently guide you through the process of scoping out your app and then communicate clearly throughout the development process, while steadily hitting established deadlines as your mobile application takes shape.
There are three essential aspects to consider when choosing a company for software application development:

Effective Communication
Good communication between you and your development company is everything when building a custom software application. Good contractors usually go out of their way to fully explain anything you may not understand about the process, answer all of your questions and definitely won’t judge you for asking questions you think are silly. Consider it a red flag if you have any doubt about the clarity and openness of your contractor’s communication. Don’t hesitate to ask about any terminology you don’t understand.

Experience with similar projects
You should feel relatively safe with a company who has built something similar to your project before. During the selection process, ask your shortlisted candidates for examples of recent projects like yours and look closely at the ones provided. Something you should pay attention to is their work and if it fits your needs; even closer attention should be paid to the smaller details. Some good indicators of skilled workers can be a nice button line up or how the text fits in the boxes because the sloppy code underneath can be easily detected by the mistakes on the surface. At the end of the day, all software has bugs, so be sure to ask their references about the development process to get a sense of how well they handle fixes.

Some common problem areas include delivery time frames, the quality output and inappropriate categorization of responsibilities. From the delivery aspect, your contractor should have a proven track record of delivering working apps on time.
If you’ve already used services from a development company that was just focused on coding and testing, keep in mind that that is the traditional model of outsourcing. Today, the emerging models vary and often include broader services and consultancy in order to provide higher levels of cooperation. Assess your shortlisted prospective contractors by visiting their websites, looking for examples of their work and their portfolio of services.

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